Dec 5, 2017

All the World is a Stage

It seems to me that the child years are about becoming; the adolescent and young adult years about achieving; the middle years about maintaining and old age about detachment. To move through those cycles and wind up realizing the greatest freedom is in letting go is rather amusing. Was all that work for naught? It was, after all, just experience. Isn't that why we got born in the first place? To experience what time and space have to offer?

If we were to have that perspective, perhaps we could free ourselves from guilt about the past and worry about the future. Detachment seems to be a kind of deep acceptance of life as a changing scene that we observe and participate in to the extent of our interest. It is not a giving up or resignation, but rather, a kind of wonder at the whole thing. It is all pretty amazing and miraculous. I think Shakespeare had it right when he wrote that all the world is a stage and we are the players in this comedy/drama.

We react to that statement depending on our age. Young minds might agree but they get changed rather quickly when the obligations of family and work rear their heads. It does not seem to be a play we are in when the baby is sick or the young boy goes off to war; when our bank accounts are looted or our marriage falls apart. No, then it seems very important and real, and of course it is, in that moment. But after all is said and done, it was just experience and the only meaning it has is what we give it. It seems harsh but actually this is a most spiritual perception. Since we are all eternal beings, whole and forever intact, then old William seems to have described it perfectly. We remain who we are throughout the entire melodrama.

Just the musings of someone in the detachment phase!

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