Aug 4, 2017

Alignment With The Soul

Great minds have commented on the nature of the soul, but Marcus Aurelius said it best: "Things have no hold on the soul. They have no access to it, cannot move or direct it. It is moved and directed by itself alone. It takes the things before it and interprets them as it sees fit."

Is he not referring to what we might call the essential self, the core of us, that inviolable "I" that is behind all awareness? This self is not moved by the outer world. It is just the opposite. It is greater than experience. Considered locally, it is the healing agent in the body; that which knows how to re-establish the matrix of wholeness we possess. Non-locally, it is our ability to imagine, to project ideas onto the screen of our consciousness, to see through limitation into possibility.

The soul is thrumming along intact and unassailable. It is never lost or damaged. We might have lost sight of it with our local perception, which is what happens when we are mired in the effects and have turned away from Cause. The soul is our best friend in that it is ever available for a higher insight, a revelation, a needed answer, wisdom and deeper love. The soul travels the cosmos and reveals itself again and again as new ways of being.

How to be in alignment with the soul's code? Be quiet. Be still. Be receptive. Be open to the more of you. It is present, right now, all the time. It is the location of the Source in you. It always presents as Yes!

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